22770515_1625525797498464_4878323548407982654_oWith over 25 years experience in various sporting activities, from martial arts to competitive team sports, Marc Chauharja Singh, aka Chau, is well versed in various training techniques. he has served as team captain, scout leader and even assistant coach in a few of his many disciplines. Currently studying Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art), Chau holds himself to the highest levels of fitness.

In 2011, at the age of 31, Chau decided that he had to improve his level of fitness and start an intensive training regimen. From there, ChauFIT was born. In June, 2012, Chau expanded his training regimen and started group workout sessions.

As a team leader, Chau has trained and lead a team to the 2012, inaugural edition of Hardcore Caribbean. This was the culmination of his hard work as a trainer. He teamed up with Studio W to train and lead a new team to the second Hardcore Caribbean in July, 2013. He also continues to have his regular weekly group workout sessions.

Chau has taken on the role of Head Trainer in a Bootcamp hosted by Studio W and then went on to hold his own Fit Fuh De Road Carnival Bootcamp. He became a TTDF PTI in 2015 and, in 2016, started to study Massage Therapy.

Chau continues to strive for fitness excellence in himself and his clients as he holds to his motto of “Go Till Fail”, ensuring that his clients continue to push past their limits and improve their overall fitness.


  • Therapeutic Massage Diploma: UWI Open Campus
  • Introduction to Massage Therapy Diploma: UWI Open Campus
  • Physical Training Instructor Diploma: Trinidad & Tobago Defence Force
  • Personal Trainer Certificate: American Muscle & Fitness Personal Training Institute