Chau’s Top 5 — Why You Should Get a Massage

Massage Therapy is considered to be part of the wide range of treatments known as “alternative medicine.” This is interesting, considering the science that backs the concepts behind Massage Therapy and the fact that doctors also recommend that people go for massages. However, I digress — the efficacy of Massage Therapy is controversial, so, to help you with your decision of whether or not to pursue getting one, here are my top five reasons that you should.

5) Relieve stress — Between reduction in muscle tension, improvement of circulation (blood and lymph) or even just the reduction in cortisol and increase in endorphins associated with being pampered, the ability to reduce one’s distress (or negative stress) levels by massage is well documented, both through anecdotal records and scientific studies measuring various hormone levels before and after. Feel stressed out? Book a massage with a certified and experienced Massage Therapist.

chaufit_massage4) Help in getting better sleep — When your muscles and mind are both relaxed, it becomes easier to sleep. The stress-relieving qualities of a massage can also aid in getting more and better-quality sleep. Additionally, a knowledgeable Massage Therapist will be able to use certain essential oils which will further aid in getting you to sleep. Massage therapy has been successfully been used to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders for a very long time in many different cultures.

3) Improve circulation — Massage Therapy is often used to relax sore muscles which, in turn, aids in improving circulation. Also, a good Massage Therapist will understand how his/her action moves lymph around the body. In fact, there is a specific type of massage known as Lymphatic Massage which is aimed at clearing excessive lymph out of the body by directing it towards the appropriate nodes for processing. Overall, both blood and lymphatic circulation are both improved both directly and indirectly through Massage Therapy.

2) Improve sports performance — Sports Massage can be applied before, during and after an event to improve overall performance. It can be applied during training, and can even change depending on the phase of training an athlete may be in. When an athlete gets injured, Sports, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage may all be employed to speed up recovery. Where range of motion is important, Massage Therapy can be used to improve it. All of this adds to an athlete always having his/her peak performance during training and at events.

massage-cupping1) Relax sore muscles — This is, without a doubt, just about the most popular use for massages. A client who may be sore due to minor injury, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) from training, general stiffness from not training, and a host of other muscle limiting issues would be greatly aided by going to a Massage Therapist and being treated. Experience will teach a therapist how to apply appropriate pressure to affected muscles, relaxing them and improving their function as well as reducing pain.

There you have it. Five reasons that Massage Therapy should be a regular part of your life, regardless of your lifestyle. It’s time to book your massage today ;).


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