Chau’s Top 5 — 5 Reasons to do Zumba

So, everyone who knows me knows that I’m not the biggest fan of Zumba. I think it’s pretty normal for people to have their preferred methods of training. However, I do respect Zumba. It fits exactly where it is supposed to and helps people of all fitness levels improve their overall fitness by learning to exercise through and with music. Since I’m not quite the Zumba expert, I asked three excellent Trinbagonian Zumba Instructors for some help with this article; Naazia Suliman, Annalisa Smith and Leston Deroche. I asked what they think of Zumba as a training system and why they do Zumba. Their answers helped me come up with these five reason that you should do Zumba.

5) Versatility (Contributed by Naazia and Annalisa) — Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, “Strong by Zumba”… Zumba has so many expressions that can suit any lifestyle from basic, dance-influenced Zumba to the completely sans-dance Strong by Zumba;this allows anyone to find their own perfect style of Zumba.

4) Full-Body, Interval Training Format (Contributed by Naazia, Annalisa and Leston) — Zumba engages the entire body throughout the workout. Whether dancing or doing rhythmic calisthenics, you’re sure to work almost every muscle. Additionally, because of the “stop-and-go” format, it also works as a form of interval training which, research shows, has more fat burning potential than steady state cardio.

3) Community Building (Contributed by Annalisa) — Because Zumba is such a light-hearted approach to serious exercise, you make real friendships and even family within the Zumba community. Zumba instructors from around the country often work together to host Zumba parties and Zumba practitioners will come from far and wide just to attend, to meet someone new, to see someone they haven’t seen in a while.

2) Teaches Rhythm and Coordination (Contributed by Naazia and Leston) — Since Zumba is based in music and coordinated movement, it teaches both rhythm and coordination. Many people are afraid of Zumba because they believe that they lack these two components, but on doing Zumba for long enough, they find that the movements start to feel natural, which helps in other aspects of their lives.

1) Fun: It raises Endorphins and Smiles – reduces stress (Contributed by Naazia, Annalisa and Leston) — The number 1 reason for anyone to at least try Zumba is because of how much fun it is. It takes the pressure away from exercise since the music is playing and becoming a part of you. It’s very rare that you’ll see a Zumba class that is not full of smiles. This fun aids in lightening a regular mood or even naturally combating depression.

So, why do these three awesome instructors do Zumba themselves?

Leston: “I have a passion for dance and, as an instructor, I enjoy making a difference in people’s lives…(Zumba is) a home and a world full of positivity under one roof.”

Naazia: “I Zumba because it’s FUN… It’s definitely a stress reliever and it WORKS!”

Annalisa: “Zumba Fitness combines two of my passions, dance and fitness in one amazing, fun and enjoyable programme… I feel pure joy, happiness and freedom, which I am then able to impart on others…Zumba is the most “feel good” and effective exercise programme I have ever done…”

So take a load off, try it and have some fun 🙂

Naazia Suliman is a Certified Zumba Instructor known for her high energy classes and eternal smile. You can check her out on Facebook or Instagram.
Annalisa Smith is a Certified Zumba Instructor who specialises in Strong by Zumba. You can check her out on Instagram for her training and diet ideas.
Leston Deroche is a  Certified Zumba Instructor who takes pleasure in doing classes and one-time sessions, including warm-ups for other events, around the country. You can check him out on Instagram.

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